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Plant Sterols

Arboris® is the world’s leading producer of naturally occurring — non-GMO — plant sterols which find use in heart-healthy food products and various pharmaceutical ingredients.

What are Sterols?

Plant sterols, also called phytosterols, are naturally found in all plants. They are plants’ version of human cholesterol and are an integral building block of plant cell walls.

Sterols have proven powerful cholesterol-reducing properties and are incorporated into heart-healthy functional foods such as spreads, juices, bread, milk, and yogurt sold around the world.  Sterols are also the primary raw material used in the manufacture of steroid hormone medicines.

Arboris sterols are a 99% mixture of naturally occurring phytosterols derived from pine trees that are free of any genetic modification.  Our customers value our plant sterols’ purity and know that our sterols are manufactured under stringent quality and regulatory standards.

Blood Cholesterol Reduction

Sterols are chemically similar to cholesterol and when consumed as part of one’s diet, they compete with cholesterol for absorption in the body’s digestive tract.  Because plant sterols are not absorbed by the body, the net result is less cholesterol is absorbed by the body and blood cholesterol is lowered. It has been demonstrated in more than 150 human clinical studies that consuming food with added plant sterols containing 2 grams daily lowers LDL cholesterol levels 8-10% within 3-4 weeks of use.

Synthesis of the family of pharmaceutical steroid hormones

Plant sterols are used as the building block for conversion into useful pharmaceuticals by chemical and biochemical transformations. Example products include corticoid drugs and sex hormones. Steroid hormones are prescribed to combat a variety of inflammation-related conditions including COPD, skin conditions, Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis, and many others.