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Sustainable Products and Custom Solutions for Oilfield Additives.

Enhancing the Performance of Oilfield Additives.

The ever-evolving nature of the oilfield industry has created the need for robust and unique solutions to meet increasingly demanding environments.

Arboris® EverGreen Solutions® offers functional and intermediate raw materials that can be used as building blocks to produce drilling and production additives which offer a bio-based, sustainable, green alternative to many products used today.

Our Value to You

Maximize Performance… Sustainably

Tall oil pitch (TOP) is a natural byproduct of the Kraft Paper Making Process.  Arboris is the leading supplier of sterols which are extracted from TOP.  After extraction, the pitch is reconstituted to EverSol® 5001.  Its high acid value and solubility with various base oils make EverSol® 5001 ideal for formulating emulsifiers, and wetting agents for use in drilling fluid additives and corrosion inhibitors for use in production.  Additionally, EverGreen Solutions offers several experimental products that can be used to produce lubricants, drag-reducing agents, and rheology modifiers.

Being pine-derived, our products are environmentally safe, 100% USDA Certified Biobased and sustainable.  They offer a consistent stream to formulate robust additives.

Components for Drilling Fluid Additives

EverGreen Solutions products can be used to formulate:

  • Emulsifiers- EverSol® 5001
  • Wetting Agents- EverSol® 5001
  • Lubricants- EverSol 5002, EverSol 5005

Components for Production Chemicals

EverGreen Solutions products can be used to formulate:

  • Rheology Modifiers- EverSol 5002
  • Corrosion Inhibitors- EverSol® 5001
  • Drag Reducing Agents- EverSol 5002

Arboris’ products have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, indicating their biobased content is 100%.

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