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Dust Suppressants

Enhancing the Performance of Dust Suppressants.

High-Performance Component for Biobased, Renewable Suppressants.

Fugitive dust emissions pose health, safety, and environmental concerns.  Dust suppressants are often applied to reduce particulate matter in the air.  They are used for road stabilization, stockpile sealing, mining, agricultural applications, solar, drilling, and construction sites amongst others.

Arboris® EverGreen Solutions® products can be used as a building block to produce non-petroleum pitch emulsions or blended solutions that offer a user-friendly, long-lasting, green alternative to many suppressants in the market.

Our Value to You

Stop Dust in its Tracks with EverSol® 2001

Tall oil pitch (TOP) is a natural byproduct of the Kraft Paper Making Process.  Arboris is the leading supplier of sterols which are extracted from TOP.  After extraction, the pitch is reconstituted to EverSol® 2001, a high-performance material that can be used to make non-petroleum emulsions or blended solutions for dust suppression.    Being pine-derived, it is environmentally safe, 100% USDA Certified Biobased and sustainable.  EverSol® 2001 provides a higher acid value vs. traditional TOP, yielding better reaction with aggregate, and boosting performance.  EverSol 2001 is a consistent raw material used to formulate quality emulsions and blends that is unlike any other material on the market.

Effective dust control for:

Agricultural coatings
Extend pavement lifecycle
Mining sites
Stockpile sealing
Solar sites
Drilling sites
Construction sites

Features and Benefits

Biobased and sustainable

  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Improves safety for workers and the environment; non-hazardous
  • Decreases carbon footprint and harmful emissions

High rosin acid and fatty acid content

  • Strong adherence between soil particles
  • Rosin content improves surface hardening
  • Polar components provide hydrophilicity; increase the binding strength

High solid %

  • Increases tensile strength
  • Resistant to periodic wetting or freezing providing versatility in various soils, climates, and traffic conditions
  • Lower transportation and storage costs

Stable, quick set emulsion

  • Extends the lifetime of the road
  • Allows users to work faster
  • Reduces roadway downtime

Minimize Costs and Maximize Benefits

Arboris® EverGreen Solutions EverSol® 2001 enhances your formulation because it’s effective on a wide range of soils and temperatures.  This component of your suppressant formulation can also slow the rate of aggregate breakdown which lengthens the time between the need to resurface the road with new aggregate.

Arboris’ products have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, indicating their biobased content is 100%.

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