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About Arboris

Arboris® was founded in 2001, and our greenfield world-class state-of-the-art plant began commercial operations in 2004. We are the world’s largest producer of phytosterols and offer a broad portfolio of bio-based industrial chemicals.

Commitment to Customers

Our sterols are a 99% pure mixture of naturally occurring phytosterols that are non-genetically modified (non-GMO) and renewably sourced.  Sterols have been shown to reduce blood LDL cholesterol and have been marketed in heart-healthy functional food products for decades.

Plant sterols are also sourced as the primary starting material for the manufacture of various steroidal active pharmaceutical ingredients.

As part of the bio-based economy, Arboris is proud to make efficient use of our natural resources. With our process technology, virtually nothing goes to waste. In addition to sterols, we produce bio-based products as part of Arboris EverGreen Solutions®.

Our EverGreen Solutions® line offers sustainable solutions tailored to meet unique application needs in markets such as asphalt, dust control, firelogs, mining, oilfield, rubber, and agriculture.