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Asphalt Paving

Enhancing the Quality of Asphalt.

High-Performance Asphalt Products: Emulsifiers, Additives, and Modifiers

Rising traffic, harsh climate, and growing environmental regulations have driven the demand for durable asphalt paving additives.   Pavement preservation and life cycle extension are critical, allowing states to reduce project time, maintenance repair, and construction delays.

Arboris® EverGreen Solutions® offers functional and intermediate raw materials that perform as exceptional asphalt paving emulsifiers, additives, and modifiers.  These solutions offer a bio-based, sustainable, green alternative to many products used today.

Our Value to You

Minimize Environmental Impact with EverSol® Products

Binders and Emulsions formulated with EverGreen Solution’s products can:

Extend pavement lifecycle
Enhance roadway durability
Reduce worker and environmental exposure to harsh chemicals
Cut road maintenance costs and lessen traffic delays

Asphalt Pavement Emulsifiers, Additives, and Modifiers

EverGreen Solutions products can be used as:

  • Anionic Emulsifiers- EverSol® 1001, EverSol® 1045
  • Nonionic Emulsifiers- EverSol® 1001, EverSol® 1045
  • RAP Rejuvenators- EverSol® 1002, EverSol® 1005
  • Binder Modifiers- EverSol® 1002

Arboris’ products have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label, indicating their biobased content is 100%.

USDA Certified Biobased Product Logo - Arboris