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Commercial Products

Refined tall oil pitch fraction blends used in a wide array of industrial applications.

Our Products

Sustainable Biobased Solutions

Tall oil pitch (TOP) is a natural byproduct of the Kraft Paper Making Process.  Arboris is the leading supplier of sterols which are extracted from TOP. After extraction, the pitch is reconstituted. This stream is unique compared to conventional tall oil pitch as it is further refined, resulting in higher acid value, rosin, and free fatty acid.  The viscosity, ash, and unsaponifiable content are reduced relative to conventional tall oil pitch, and dimer and trimer content is present

In addition to Residual Tall Oil Pitch, Arboris has a number of coproduct streams with lower functionality that are neutral and hydrocarbon-like in nature.  This series of fractions possess unique properties, characteristics, and chemical composition.

Our products offer a wide range of acid values and viscosities for your formulating needs.

Ask us about our product lines:

  • EverSol® 5000 Series for Oilfield
  • EverSol® 6000 Series for Rubber
  • EverSol® 7000 Series for Agriculture
  • EverSol® 8000 Series for Wax